Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Two things are blowing my mind right now...want to know what they are?

1) Telecommunications.
When my Dad picked me up tonight to go to the England Vs Germany legends game at the Mad Stad he was on the phone, doing a conference call with: one guy in Manhattan, two in London, and one more 'above the hills of Jerusalem' (oh Jerusalem Jerusalem...the city that kills the prophets, nearly made me cry this evening that verse did) all at the same time, dialed into the same call. Technology eh?

2) Grace.
Grace is astounding, mind boggling, beyond my comprehension. I do not understand it really one little bit. But I know it's enough. I know the cross was the Lord's eternal plan, and not a plan B, so it's ok by me. I know I worship a savior who dwells in unapproachable light, who is burningly, fiercesomly holy, and yet who beckons me in, and is not ashamed to call me His brother. Me! Not ashamed! There's grace right there. I know it's grace that fills my air with lungs, it's grace that stops me being destroyed every time I sin. Those things I know...and they're enough. An d they must always be enough, I must never slip into 'paying God back' or thinking even in the back of my mind, even for a second, that my salvation is in any way because of me or initiated by me. As soon as my pride swallows me, as soon as I stop gazing in awe at the cross, I've pretty much lost my 'right' to call myself a Christian. And I don't want that to happen.

And yeh, revision sucks. But three weeks, four exams...and then I get to start preparing properly for the best job in the world. Please pray for Ceryn, I know the Lord will and is bringing Himself glory through her illness and eventual healing, but thinking about her being ill makes me sad!


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Welshie said...

Mate, thanks for that. Grace is amazing. Listening to this song by Andy Flannigan and some of the lyrics are "You call me precious, you call me priceless, you call me yours. You call me sacred, you call me special, you call me yours."

WHY?! We don't need to know I guess, we just need to fall down in worship.

And thanks for your prayers. Praise the Lord I've been feeling SO well in the last couple days!

And I'm sorry, very sorry, about my latest blog post...!

See you soon. keep running, He is ALL we need and that means exams will be fine! Praying.