Tuesday, May 16, 2006

CEx Again, Part Two

Man...so be careful what you pray for eh? Perhaps you pray that God's goodness and His presence would be manifest, and obvious with you at CEx, and then your system will go into complete shutdown mode, because you just can not compute how good God is...Thats what happened to me last night, for the second time in as many weeks.
Last night was on 'Why did Jesus die', it was powerful stuff obviously, and i think/pray it had an impact on Becki...but it certainly had an impact on me. Listening to a non-Christian explain the gospel is amazing; 'so its like, God gave us all this grace, and then we messed it up and He gave us more...' yep, that is amazing. And then again hearing Anna, and Nicola and Mandy and Hoops talk about the Gospel and it's power in their lives, and just how amazing it is, i'm loving CEx at the moment!

Anna and Nicola are both getting baptised on sunday, (woo!), and i'm so happy for them and blessed by them, its been an amazing privaledge to be a small part of their time with God recently. There's so much i want to talk about last night, about how powerfully God was moving while we were praying, how awesome it is that He's got Anna's sister to come, how great it is to see two of my friends persue Him, and grow in Him...i want to talk about all that, i want to shout about what an awesome God we worship, how much higher His ways are than ours. But there just aren't the words. There isn't a word to describe how i feel about sunday right now. There isn't a word to sum up last night, to do justice to God...just wow, just awestruck silence.

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Anna said...

Ditto-heart feels like its going to explode!