Monday, February 06, 2006

Where can i go Lord?

So we appear to be having one of our tri monthly lulls here on Ed's Fallible but i've got a pretty interesting week coming up, so maybe that'll change. I'm speaking on Matthew 6:1-12 at Thames Valley Uni CU laster on this morning, so i'm currently terrified and excited in pretty equal measure about the moment we're in excitement. And then CEx this evening, which i am still loving and i pray that God would keep stirring and moving in these guys hearts, keep knocking on their door louder and louder. We're going to tell them about the day away tonight as well, which happens at the end of next week, so fingers crossed about that.
And then on Thursday and/or Friday, i'm off to court to be a witness in a case about a car crash that i saw in October 2004! Not much to say about that really. I am lost for inspiration this morning.
Although, in other news, our shower is broken, so i'll be having cold showers for the foreseeable future...i'll have to pretend i'm in Bulgaria/India. Except its prob not 35C in Reading. ah well.


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