Monday, February 13, 2006

Crenshaw Punch/I'll throw rocks at you

Rule Number 2) When Nicola asks you to read her coursework book to her as she washes up, DO THE WASHING UP INSTEAD...James Joyce will suck the life from you. But anyway, Nicola asked me to write 'nice things' about her this [insert nice things here]

CEx part four eh? Two more to go, one person saved so far...lots of encouraging noises from other people. Lots of questions (mostly) lots of great food, lots of discovering again our desperate need for God's wonderful grace and mercy in our lives. What are you going to do about all the bad things you said and done in your life? Jesus Christ said that he died as a ransom for many. Please think about that, please explore it.

Cex was a bit different tonight. We only had two groups instead of three (mid way thru term, deadlines, early valentines stuff), but one of the girls who i've been really praying for this week came back, and bought someone else, these guys are seriously better evangelists than I am, so that was good. We were talking about grace, based on the Bible study of Mark 10:17-24. Good times. Good to be reminded of my personal need for God's mercy, great to share this challenging truth with others. I really got the fear of speaking tonight though. There were a couple of times when just no one in our group was speaking, and I dunno, it was like there was something stopping me. It was weird. But wise old Danutia always told me not to be afraid of silence, that God uses it and works though it. I pray He was tonight. And grace is wonderful, the best thing ever. Grace gives me the streaking to share the gospel with someone this afternoon over MSN after spending the morning worrying whether i'd got it right at all (i'm having far too many of those moments recently...whats wrong with me!?) Sarah's about the most liberal and open minded (i mean that in a good way) person i know. I'm sure i came off sounding like a crazed fundamentalist. To be fair, maybe that's what i am.

Ah so grace. My favourite thing. Praise the Lord for grace. Praise the Lord that He has ripped the curtain and given us access to the Father that we might live in a restored relationship with Him, that we might spend eternity with Him, and at this time be in the business of glorifying Him. Grace, the free, undeserved gift of life. We can never be good enough to inherit eternal life. It's an insult to God to think we can. Religion sucks, legalism sucks, the Law is Holy and perfect, but unobtainable. I just want to enjoy the light of God's grace. That grace will be sweeping our campus next week, it's going to be great!

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