Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hooray for God

So Cex...Rule number one: When Nicola tells you that going to her house to do the washing up because her dishwasher is quick...DO NOT BELIEVE HER! Its that simple. Thats why me and Dave were leaving the chappy at gone midnight last night. But i digress.
ISSY BECAME A CHRISTIAN LAST NIGHT! Thats so cool. She's seen it! Christ wins! Christ wins! Yes! I can't really verbalise my feelings right now...but this is great. I am happy deep within myself because of this. Praise the Lord! Yes! And people seemed excited about the day away as well, )now all we need is a venue) so i am encouraged. And the continual realisation that the gospel is true and powerful and real and great! Its great to share it with unbelievers and amazing to see people grasp what the Bible really says for the first time in their lives. It's a priveledge i thank God for!
We eve managed to cut through people in our groups giving us the answers they thought we wanted to hear last night as well. Which is a big step forward. And easier now. Good.
God is so good, and that is so not reliant on me and on my feelings and on anything else except God. Praise Him for what He's doing in Issy's life, please pray for Kim who 'wishes she could be a Christian' (please pray for her!) Please pray that me and nicola and naomi and kat and dave would be filled with the Holy Spirit and with faith more and more as we do this course, that we would be strong in the face of attack, and always look to God for our security and joy. Cheers!

'if thats the way it is, then thats the way it is'

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