Friday, February 24, 2006

In the sun that sets the wind that blows the rain that soaks me to the bone

So. No live blogging then!? To be honest sleeping has seemed like a waste of time this week, (although, a great one) let alone blogging with Joe around and mission to be done.
So i'll try and share some of the best/funniest/most God glorying things that's happened this week.
Every morning would start with prayer clusters at 830 in each halls. The last two days me and joe have walked to these in snow which was not so much fun, although memorable at least. These were cool times, AMs and students coming together to share encouragements and pray with one another. Then, off to Mondial for lattes and muffins (hooray), by 0945 the whole coffee bar was full of Christians ready to get on with their day. It was cool, but kind of funny it some ways. Then upstairs in 360 for a whole team meeting, speakers, AMs and students all together, looking at Galatians 3 and 4 together, giving thanks for what'd happened the day before, praying for what we'll be doing that day and for people who we've met and talked to. Then flyering. I'd never really appreciated that cold could pretty much burn you instead of freeze you. Phil leant me some gloves on thursday (deffo the coldest day) and that may well have saved me from frostbite.
Man, its been so good. SO GOOD! God is amazing! The people who we've seen come to faith this week, who we've spoken to, who He's brought to the meetings. I think for me the personal best/scariest time was talking to a muslim named Issa for half an hour after world view surveys on wednesday afternoon (we did those every day and they're proper good!). Hopefully he's coming along tonight to hear about 'The Hope of the Party'. That'd be good. He was lovely, and really knew his stuff. I was some feet out of my depth! The apologetic lunch bars were really good, and we probably had around 30-70 people to each, with maybe 50-100 at the evening talks. Maybe more, sometimes deffo more. We had to add three extra rows of chairs in the Blue Rooms last night, which is brilliant news!
I'm struggling to really describe the week. It was great, God has moved in the lives of so many people. SO many people, we've had so many of great conversations. Praise the Lord. He is real, the gospel is true. It's good news!
It's been great having the CIS guys involved around. The guys on the team are such MEN, its been really great to spend time with them. And with all the AMs really, its been great to hang out with them, talk to them and glean their advice. We're really going to miss them...i'm really going to miss them...
So its been a great week. Great times. We worship a great, great GREAT God...He is awesome and in His grace and mercy chooses to use us for His glory. It's been great. Pete and Greg have been traning the first XV rugby this week, which has been amazing, because thats an area we've had really no contact with for years. And the afternoon sports (football, touch rubgy, rounders and ultimate firsbee) have been really well attended. The name of Jesus is definately more known than it was a week ago. I'm looking forward to not getting up at 0730 tomorrow, looking forward to sleeping in my bed rather than on my floor tonight...But, in some ways, i really don't want it to end, it's been great. Wake to people about Jesus, eat some to people about Jesus...have a to people about Jesus. It's great! What a week, what a God!
Its been top!

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