Monday, February 20, 2006

RUCU Mission Day One

Up at seven thirty, and off to whiteknights/childs/windsor prayer cluster at 830. Great to be reminded of the power of the cross for salvation for all, the glory of God and how amazing that is.
The into town to pick up Joe from the train good to see him again. The the team prayer meeting at 10. Great to meet inside the union, more lovely prayer, some great foundational stuff from Galatians...and then, then the fun starts.

I love flyering. Even though today as freezing, even though my hands felt they were about to drop off at some points in the morning, such a great way to talk to people and get God's message out there. Really good times, really cool. There're lots of people flyering for the SU elections at the moment, like, 15 people outside the library and loads outside 360, but i don't think thats a bad thing...our message is so much more important.
Man, there's so much going on, like Gregg and Pete training the rugby squad, thats really opened up a door that was firmyl shut before hand. YES!
Then did some world view surveying, which was great. Spoke to four or five people about the gospel and grace and who and what Jesus was. Really cool times.
The best part? God's word being faithfully preached twice today, once by Tom and lunch time, and then again by Graham in the evening. I'll share more at the week goes on, and when it's not nearly 2am, but there's so much going on at the moment here, so mnay things across campus and all the halls. Its great. Jesus is awesome, and the Gospel is glorious and so so true. Its an honour and pleasure to be doing this. God has redeemed us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light...YES!

So that was day one. So so much better and more exciting than these stupid words can justify, my brain switched off long ago, but i know God is working in people's hearts, and thats enough right now, as i set my alarm for six hours time! God is awesome! Praise the Lord.

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