Monday, November 24, 2008

A weekend seven

1) Saturday was only my second full day off since the end of August...i love my job and the work, but it was nice to lie in bed for a few minutes and enjoy not having to get up right away and work out which clothes on the floor could still be worn.

2) This led to a delicious time of praying and reading the Bible. Decided to dip into Isaiah for the morning, richly rewarded.

3) Wycombe go back top of League 2, East Carolina won their division and a place in the Conference Championship game, and i managed to get two tickets to see their last home game of the season on Friday. Lovely scenes.

4) A very full sunday. After the 11am service we went to talk pictures for the staff and family Christmas card. There's something pleasingly silly about eighteen people trying to co-ordinate what they're wearing and where they're standing on a sunny afternoon by the water. Even sillier was despite the dozen or so pictures taken i don't think there's one where everyones looking in the same direction at once. Then different rehearsals for the two Christmas plays, then the Teen Discipleship service in the evening. So cool to see young people desiring to seek God's will for their life.

5) Thanksgiving shopping, including a 19lb turkey!

6) 24 Redemption. I think thats the first full episode of 24 i've ever watched. It was flipping excellent. Now we have to wait for the middle of January for the actualy start of the series though!

7) 'it's every girls dream, you get to walk round a shop choosing all the cool stuff and getting other people to pay for it'


dave bish said...

'bout time you got into 24. We're watching it now.

You need more time off.

Little Mo said...

Er...obvioulsy these Southern Baptists aren't that strict about the Sabbath principle.

Anonymous said...

ah gotta love a bit of legalism...!