Wednesday, November 26, 2008


There are many reasons i'm looking forward to thanksgiving tomorrow, golf, lots of turkey, NFL all day, off work from wednesday thru sunday, and lots of time with Rachel and her family.

There is one more reason though, and thats the pleasingly high voice of John Piper in 1980...good words too!

you'd better start getting selfish


Gary And Kay said...

Hey Ed - How's things?? Can I ask why you term yourself an "hedonist" in your caption - does it have another meaning that I don't know about?? I know you are much more the theologian than I but in normal usage it's quite opposite to what I would think you would say of yourself!! Big hugs to you either way - Kay Watkins xxx

FloydTheBarber said...

Hey Kay,

thats an excellent question. The term 'Christian hedonism' is born out of probably the 2nd most important truth in the Bible, that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.
This is tremendous, important, faith building, joy producing news. It means that the Christian life is not one of misery and duty, but of holy joy. It means that taking up our cross and following Jesus means casting off the things that rob us of our joy, our sin, the things of the world that entertain us, and running towards Him, where there is fullness of joy and pleasure forever.

CS Lewis describes it like this. He says that when we prefer sin to God, we're like children happily making mud pies in the slum because we can't imagine what a trip to the beach is. Our problem is not that our desires are too strong, but too weak, that we're far too easily pleased.

John Piper puts it better than i ever could:

Hope thats helpful!