Sunday, November 09, 2008


1) Church. Lovely church. Especially with baptisms, and 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. We even sung a song that rhymed saint and ain't. Welcome to the south.

2) Family Missions day in Suffolk, Virginia. Two hours north up Highway 17. Go very much north from Washington, NC, and there is just nothing there. Mile after mile of cotton fields and woods. Suffolk in beautiful though, surrounded by lakes on almost every side. Great to spend the day knocking doors in support of a church that has only been going for eight weeks and is already averaging 70 odd on sunday.

3) Romans. Slowly. Good to be just me and the Bible, good to go slow, good to have six weeks to bathe in it's truth. Also finally starting 'Keep in step with the Spirit'. And about time.

4) High School football. On friday nights small southern towns seem to exist for high school football. The Washington Pam Pack won 41-14 to secure a place in the State play-offs. It was pretty cool.

5) Good times with younger men. I love the doors that the Lord is opening up for me with the teens in church.

6) 'so, why do you think i'm becoming more of a Calvinist?'
'um...because you're reading the Bible a lot?'

7) The impending staff retreat in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 'Retreats' to me have always conjured the image of prayer labyrinths and worship painting, but we're playing golf and going to a steak buffet...excellent.


Richard Walker said...

For some great Romans sermons that give you a slightly different angle to many, see here:

Phil Duncalfe said...

I lived in conway south carolina for a while when I was little. About 45 mins from Myrtle beach. Myrtle beach is amazing!