Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Walk (or, embracing the beautiful and the bleak)

This afternoon i indulged in that most unAmerican of activities. I went for a walk. I went from my apartment on the corner of 2nd and Hackney, down to West Main, and along the waterfront on the broadwalk, where i walked until the waterfront became the water, and looped round on Water Street, and back. In the oncoming Autumn gloom and drizzle it was lovely.

I took with me TheologyNetwork's latest Tabletalk with Mike Reeves and John Piper on the doctrine that created the western world. Heart thrilling stuff.

On the way back i listened to 'In Rainbows' by Radiohead, and, amidst the drizzle, the fading light and Thom Yorke's voice, settled in my heart the bleak, sad peace that comes from knowing that you're a long, long way from home.

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dave bish said...

Beautiful post.