Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Holiness of God

My greatest fear.

God's infinite white hot holiness is my greatest fear. Humanistic anthropology contends that people create and worship 'gods' to give them something to trust when they fear nature. Well, whoever came up with Christianity did a pretty poor job, because, like Peter in the boat, i'm far more fearful of Jesus than i am of nature. The Lord is of holier eyes than to see any unclean thing, His wrath burns against sin and will one day consume it. Hell is not an infintely terrible place to illustrate anything other than the seriousness of offending a God as Holy as He is. Isaiah's reaction before the Lord sums it up...'woe is me, for i am lost'. I am finshed, i am cut adrift. On our own we can not stand in the presence of the Lord, or we too will fall apart.

My only hope.

At the same time, because of the way the Cross kind of makes everything work backwards, the holiness of God is my only hope. Partly obviously in the sense that i know and trust that all justice will eventually be done, either there, or one judgement day, but also in a much more personal way. A holy God is my only hope. Without Him working in me my depravity would be boundless, my sin limitless. Apart from my union with Christ, and His righteousness imputed into me, i have no hope. This is why to say 'Christ unites doctrine divides' is so wrong. True, Biblically faithful doctrine gives me life. My only hope is the active obediance of Christ. The things that Jesus did counted to me. Without those things, i am lost, i have no hope. With those things is life, and life to the full.

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