Friday, April 06, 2007

Hebrews 3

Focus on Jesus: v1-6
The advice is the same now as it was then, always, always have your eyes on Jesus. For every look you take at your own heart take ten at Jesus. Fix them tight. We must fight to keep them there when we are under pressure, we must be careful of where else our eyes would wander to if they are not kept on Jesus. There is nowhere else to go. The original readers of this letter were being tempted to go back to their Jewish heritage, but the writer assures them that Jesus is worthy of the honour that our attention gives Him, more worthy than Moses. God built the house over which Jesus is faithful...and we are the house! Christ is faithful to His Father over us and for us. This is life, this is how to live, His ability to live in us.

Flee self sufficiency: v7-11,16-19
The writer goes on to remind the readers of their ancestors, who wandered in the desert for fourty years because of their self sufficiency. We must not fall into that trap. We must flee to Christ, away from self sufficiency, flee to the promises of God away from independance. This is as relevant today as it ever was. We must throw our weight on Christ and forget any other way. The Christian life is about Jesus, it's not about us.

Finish Strong: v12-15
We've already seen the dangers of self dependance. Don't harden your heart to the One who is speaking, to the God of the Bible. Daily attend to His voice, get to know His voice and get to know His promises that you might persevere. Do not fall away. Be supple, be obedient. Find out what the Bible says and do it. This is life, there is no more than this. We must hold fast and persevere if we are to be saved, We must keep on believing, keep on living in and for Jesus. It's more important that i'm excited in ten years time about Christ than i am now.

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