Friday, April 06, 2007

Hebrews 1:1-2:4

[I'm going to try and blog the notes i took from the main evening talks at Word Alive. This isn't wuite as easy as it sounds, partly because of my horrible writing, partly because i can't really remember what were my notes, and what were notes on my notes, and partly because i tended to stop and listen during the really good bit (I've only got three paragraph's for Richard Cunningham's talk, for example), although the reverse isn't true. Mostly because there wasn't actually a bad talk among them. The usual rule of truth = speaker, heresy = me applies]

God is a speaking God.
His past word in History is His present word in Scripture. God is speaking, so we have reason to believe, we at least must listen. Unbelief is only credible, only intelectual if God is a silent God. And He is not. This Word is significant, and if we fail to pay attention, to heed what it says, we will not escape (2:3). God is speaking, are we not obliged to be paying attention. Sometimes we can doubt what Gid is saying, whether we can really hear Him, whether He is really real, whether we are right in what we believe. We mustn't confuse knowing God fully with knowing God totally. We can know God because He has revealed Himself to us...we must pay attention.

God has spoken a final word in His Son.
God has spoken in the past, through Prophets and Angels, and is now speaking through His Son. If the Son is greater than the angels (v4 and 5) then so is His message, and that has huge implications. We must pay attention to what we have heard. Christ is the final word and the final work of the Father. His is an eternal word, and an eternal work, so they are always relevent.

The Word is present and transforming.
God's final word is for every person and every sin. Jesus is the royal Son who has inherited the nations, the royal priest who has dealt with our sin and can now sit down. It's easy to think otherwise, to be worn down by our sin, but we mustn't. We must trust in the Lord, in the great High Priest. We must trust that God's final word is God's final work. And we don't have to guess what God is like, who He is, what pleases Him, we can know because of Jesus, the Son of God, the One sent from the Father. Final word, final work.

We must pay more careful attention.
We can drift away from this message so easily. We must listen to it. How will we escape otherwise. The writer to the Hebrews was warning his readers of just that danger, and that is a no less present word now than it was then. Make sure you don't drift. Anchor yourself in the final Word, the faithful Son, in Jesus. Still waters run deep and dangerous, get in the rapids.

Jesus is supreme and sufficient. Pay attention to Him, anchor yourself in Him, trust Him.

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