Thursday, April 05, 2007

Crossover: 307-312/365/stream

Goodness me but what exciting and defining times these are for evangelicals. I'm sort of updating my 365 here because i want to think a bit about word alive, as well as record all the fun and excitement of word alive. and in my head it works better in one place. But lets see what happens.

I always say word alive is my favourite week of the year, and this year so far it really really has been. From all the conversations at the start of the week that started with 'i really shouldn't tell you this...' we went to Richard's exciting news (all just a little bit of history repeating itself) and thence to wondering whether when they write the history of 21st Century Christianity the year 2007 will be a significant one. Musing over books and the Cambridge seven with Alex, book shopping Dan Hames, my favourite guy to walk round a bookshop with, Richard chasing the heretics off the stage and me feeling ready for a revolution. Disagreeing but uplifting with Winchester people, realising that God is Trinity (my mind fair blew up) has implications as far as mission and personal holiness. Mike Reeves is the daddy. Has Richard Cunningham dyed his hair? The Relay reunion, lets bump stephen, why isn't he popping up? Over he goes, lets bump Mo, mind his head, lets clap him away. 'it doesn't seem fair she's been dragged into my crazy world'. Want to be a Christian? Talk to Drew. The Sh'ley p'tay r'lay. Kapil Kerplunk, 'stop flip flopping' 'i am the prodigal' Pierced for our Transgressions (more later) Hebrews (more later) more people for the church family, more people that i want to be. Tim Rudge taking communion and Jason Clarke taking on the Bible in an hour every day. The three pillars of UCCF...i wonder what they're talking about...oh it us. Spying on surrey, selling out Reading, the campervan. the people in the campervan. We've got our tanks on his lawn. Maybe i don't know, and maybe thats ok. Chicken curry. The worship, Calvin. In my darker moments i want to call my children Luther and Calvin. Why are they dark moments? lets go to China, lets go to Bulgaria...lets just go. It's fair baltic today. You can't spell Skegness without 'Skeg'...did i mention Mike Reeves on the Trinity? Mike Reeves on the Trinity. the king of the one liners. Ruth. Louise? Number nine. Number eleven? I heard pumps. Carson Piper Virgo? See you in Pwllheli...

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becci brown said...

haha...yup, i missed a good one. cunningham has dyed his hair? and seems the big penal debate dominated the week! rock on for the TRUE gospel. sounds like u had a cracking time. :-)