Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hebrews 4:11-16

The whole letter has been concerned so far with whether the Jewish believers will hold firm to their faith or fall away. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish, it’s not whether you pray a prayer, it’s whether you hold fast to your confession…


God’s word shows us what we’re like, it discerns our thoughts and our intentions. The Word of God is a critic. The Bible is sharp like a sword, but used like a scalpel, it’s their to help us not to harm us. The word gives us insight. It shows us the sin on the inside that we can’t see. It shows us what we could never see otherwise. Therefore we need to pay attention to what the Bible says. This application seems to basic but it’s so true. God has spoken, we need to pay attention, to study, to listen. Our quiet times are not for point, they don’t exist to boost our legalism. They are there for our health. They should take away our self confidence, not feed it.


We can have confidence in our relationship with God. Jesus is our high priest so lets draw near to the throne of the Father. The temple in the Old Testament was a series on no entry signs. It was there, in part, to show how Holy God is and how hard it is for us to approach God. The High Priest could only enter the Most Holy Place once a year, and that was only the shadow of what was to come. Jesus has passed through Heaven, where it really matters. Jesus is our real, authentic High Priest. He has been tempted and is sympathetic. Jesus is qualified, Jesus is sympathetic. What a saviour! What a High Priest. As the author says in verse 14 let us hold fast to our confession. Keep your eyes on Jesus who is able to bring you to the throne of the Father. We can draw near to God. We can call out in the time of need. This is great news for the Christian.

The word of God and the work of Christ.

The word opens me up, the work opens Heaven up.

The word strips me away the work makes me confident.

Battle is healthy. Fight sin, fight to stay near to Jesus, hold fast to your confession, have confidence in Christ.

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