Saturday, December 20, 2008

What does your Christmas look like

John Piper shares with humour and passion what his Christmas looks like. 

As me and my little sister have got older (she's 21 now...21!) Christmas in the Goode household has evolved from the normal 'kids going crazy and tearing open presents' to something thats more about family. And i like that.

I'll go to church in the morning, and then come home. My mum, sister, aunt and grandmother will be in the kitchen peeling and cooking, my dad and grandfather will be reading and sleeping (Germaine Greer didn't sell many books in our family). We'll have lunch sometime between two and three, and then over tea and Christmas cake/yule log open our presents, watch the Queen's speech and slowly fall asleep as the daylight ebbs away. It'll be lovely.

Prolonged exposure to a different family, with different traditions and expectations makes me realise how peculiar all familes are, and how important Christmas traditions are. Rachel opens her presents right after church at about 9am...they have huge light displays, go carol singing, and (get this) don't have a Queen's speech to listen to! We get married twenty five weeks ago yesterday, and so next Christmas will be a transatlantic collision of tradition. This will be a fun problem to deal with!

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