Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Pope and the rainforest

It must be a hard life being Pope sometimes. Everything you say disagreed with by someone, having millions of people expecting you to do a job you are patently unable to do. Today, the Pope has upset gay Christians by saying that 'saving humanity from homosexuality or transsexual behavior is as important as saving the rainforest.' 

Well quite. No wonder people are upset with him. You can hammer on about how important a few trees are all you like, but don't even think about injecting what the Bible has to say about an issue into the debate. Christians should of course be responsible when it comes to the environment, but the environment is not God, and one day we'll live in a renewed, non groaning creation, enjoying Jesus forever. So as issues go, saving humanity from the morass of immorality is probably more important than fighting a battle we can't/will win anyway.

But even the Pope's comments about homosexuality are oh so culturally drenched. What does man need? To be saved from sin...not to be more heterosexual. Why couldn't the Pope have said 'rainforest: serious, homosexuality: more serious, fleeing the wrath to come: eternally, supremely serious.' Even the issues that the Pope gets more right than wrong are still flavoured by a lack of Biblical focus. Failing to keep the main thing the main thing. It's very frustrating.

But it's not just the Pope, the worldwide faces of Protestantism are hardly keeping the spirit of Ezekiel and Jeremiah alive either...

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