Friday, December 12, 2008

9 books for 2009

Challies has put together a list of books released in the first six months of 2009 on Discerning Reader. Here are nine i'm particularly excited about. If anyone would like to give me some money, that'd be great. Yeh...

Vintage Church, Mark Driscoll and Gary Breshears
I loved Vintage Jesus, and Death by Love, this is a must read.

Finally Alive, John Piper
Adrian Warnock has already described this as Piper's most important book. Plus, i got it for $5!

What he must be... if he wants to marry my daughter, Voddie Baucham
Probably hide this from Pastor Cash, until at least June 13th.

Just do something: a liberating approach to finding God's will or to make a decision without dreams, fleeces, impressions, open doors, random...liver shivers, writing in the sky etc, Kevin DeYoung
This title + DeYoung's work in 'why we're not emergent...' = must read

The bookends of Christian life, Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington
Sean introduced me to Jerry Bridges, for which i'm very, very thankful.

Desperately wicked: philosophy, Christianity and the human heart, Patrick Downey
The title caught my eye. I don't know anything about it apart from that.

Religion Saves and nine other misconceptions, Mark Driscoll
His second book of 09, based on the sermon series from last year.

Believing God: 12 Biblical promises Christians struggle to accept, R.C Sproul Jr
If i've learnt one thing this year, it's how little i know the Bible. So, reading it + books about it by Godly men has to be a good thing.

Ancient Word, Changing worlds: the doctrine of scripture in a modern age, Stephen J.Nichols
I find few things as faith building as reading about the doctrine of scripture.

There are obviously a couple of areas missing here, a good biography (i've heard that Piper's latest mini bio series will be coming out sometime in 2009, i've just bought 'the legacy of sovereign joy' for some plane reading), and some good stuff on apologetics. The Reason For God blew me away this year, (i'm planning to read it again over Christmas) can anyone recommend something for 2009.

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