Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eight Albums for 2008

I probably bought less music in 2008 than i have done since 2002. To quote Erasmus 'when i get a little money i buy books, any left over goes on food and clothes'. 2008 was also the year that i started to enjoy southern Gospel and marching band music (yeh...marching band music!) All in their contexts anyway. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here's my favourite LPs of 2008.

Ghosts: Laura Marling
It's so lovely and English. Any record that ends with birds singing gets my vote. Melancholic brilliance from Eversley's finest.
Best Track: Ghosts

Narrow Stairs: Death Cab For Cutie
I love Death Cab in a very low key way. I couldn't listen to them every day, but when i'm in the mood they blow me away. Again melancholic, again low fi, again brilliant.
Best Track: I will possess your heart

Cotton Teeth: The Snake, The Cross, The Crown
This is...country style rock? Can i make up genres? Well i just did! The record of the first six months. I thought with a name like 'the snake the cross the crown' these guys would almost definitely be Christians, but apparently it's a reference to the Alfa Romeo badge rather than John 3.
Best Track: The Great American Smokeout

Viva la Vida/Death and all his Friends: Coldplay
I'd never bought, much less liked, a Coldplay record before, but this is excellent. Random, but excellent.
Best Track: Viva la Vida

Day & Age: The Killers
Me and Rachel bought this for my mum, and then listened to it. A lot. 'they don't shrink wrap them in America, isn't that weird?'
Best Track: Human

Only By the Night: Kings of Leon
I never used to get on with the Kings of Leon, because of their southern mangling of the English language, the very reason that i now like them. Some excellent songs here, which make up for the ones that sound like The Calling
Best Track: Sex on Fire or Notion

Coco: Colbie Caillet
It was probably released in 2007, and she's really nothing like 'the female Jack Johnson' but it's fun 'going to the beach with Rachel' music. So it's in!
Best Track: Bubbly

Soundtrack: Juno
Isn't Juno a great film? Yes it is. I've never really been into film soundtracks before, but this is class. Sweet, silly, immature and clever. It's perfect.
Best Track: Anyone else but you: The Moldy Peaches

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