Friday, September 12, 2008

John John and the Song

Two new preaching series which i'm very excited about.

John Piper on John's Gospel. I'm thrilled that Piper is taking on another book after finishing Romans last year. And i'm thrilled it's a Gospel. I'm also glad that this article shows that John Piper is a church pastor first and foremost, and has been preaching on subjects that his elders wanted him to, rather than for people with iPods thousands of miles away! As someone in the article notes, John is twice as long as Romans, so i guess we'll be done in 2025!

Mark Driscoll on the Song of Soloman. After his stuff on Ruth and Ecclesiastes, it's hard not to be excited by this! Even if some of the sermon's come with a PG rating on his website.

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dave bish said...

Nicely titled.