Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hurricanes and the glory of God

Hanna is still hanging around, although she's been downgraded to a tropical storm, she'll probably be a category one by the time she reaches us on friday night. Category one hurricanes just involve eight or nine hours of 70-80mph winds and lots and lots of rain. So we should be fine. Thats plenty though.

This week has made me think though. Here, in a storm that could (potentially) knock my apartment block over, flood Rachel's house, cause serious damage to property, a great deal of disruption, and potentially threaten the lives of people close to me, is where theology really starts to matter. This is where my Christian hedonism, Habbakuk 3:17 regardless of circumstance joy in the Lord rubber, hits the road of destroyed lives. Sure, this is only a category one (probably) but that doesn't mean there aren't tohers on the way.

How, in the light of what i believe about the glory of God in the suffering of Christians, do i pray about this hurricane. Do i pray it avoids us, knowing that means it will batter somewhere else close by, do i pray it hits us and that God will bring to Himself glory through this situation, as though all situations, or do i hold my hands up and say 'your will be done'? I'm wavering between two and three at the moment.

It's good to be tested like this, it's good to be in the teeth of life. I'll keep you posted.

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