Friday, May 16, 2008

United States of Seven

1) Just everything. From the eight hour bus ride just to eat lunch in Ashboro' because the zoo was closed to spending the afternoon with Rachel's Dad, to hanging out at the beach, everything.

2) It's an odd sensation feeling as much at home on one side of the Atlantic as on the other, but one i can only account for because of the Lord. It's neat.

3) Edwards at 37000 feet. The world always seems more real when i've spent some time with him.

4) Hot dogs with preacher Paramore. Any man who preaches as a church grows from the teens to nearly four figures in a decade and is still hungry for more in his eighties i will happily travel half the world to learn from.

5) Atlantic Beach and Beaufort City, North Carolina. It was great to find these seaside treasures hidden away in the midst of places like Havelock, which, with respect, is nothing more than a bunch of fast food outlets by the side of a highway, was a real treat.

6) 'so are you excited about tonight?'
'you know you should be the excited one...some have compared me to a young Martin Lloyd-Jones'
*blank look*
'....DL Moody?'
'Oh i know who he is'

7) Sun set by the water front in Washington, NC. And knowing that however painful the goodbyes are, they're not forever.

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