Monday, January 07, 2008

Stott on the Bible

'Every authentic Christian ministry begins here, with the conviction that we have been called to handle God's Word as guardians and heralds. We must not be satisfied with 'rumours of God' as a substitute for 'good news from God.' For as Calvin put it 'the Gospel is as far removed from conjecture as Heaven from Earth.' Of course we are not apostles of Christ like Pail. But we believe in the new testament the teaching of the apostles has been preserved and is now bequeathed for us in it's definitive form. We are therefore trustees of this apostolic faith, which is the Word of God and which works powerfully in those who believe. Our taks is to keep it, study it, expound it, study it and obey it.' (John Stott, Thessalonians BST, P68)

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