Thursday, January 10, 2008

From Heathrow

Today i'm travelling the 4003 (ish) miles between where i live and where my girlfriend lives. It's really only on the days where i'm travelling i appreciate how far Washington, North Carolina is from Reading, England! It's a good thing i like travelling, and i'm looking forward to catching up on some sleep and maybe finishing Murray's biography of Edwards en route. I've got six hours to kill at New York JFK, at an airport that looks like it's just won a 'world's dullest destination' competition. Still at least they won't chuck me off the connecting flight to Raliegh/Durham airport if i get there that early, last time they threw two people off it because they though it was over full, and then there weree three spare seats on it. *shakes head*

Here are some words from Edwards himself from his work, The Great Christian Doctrine of Original Sin Defended:

The word which goes out of His (Christ's) mouth, shall not return to Him void, but shall accomplish that thing which He pleaseth, and shall prosper in the thing whereto He sends it.

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