Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Latimer on the Cross

The wise man of the world can shift to avoid the cross, but the servent of Christ looks for no other but oppresion in the world... For as long as we are in the body we are strangers to God and far from our native country, which is Heaven where our everlasting day is. We are now nearer to God than ever we were...we have found the precious stone of the Gospel; for the which we ought to sell all we have in the world...the matyrs of old time were racked...and would not be delivered that they might have a better ressurection.
Let us follow them, and leaveth the pope's market, who buyeth and selleth the souls and bodies of men...embrace Christ's cross and He shall embrace you
From a letter written from prison, quoted in 'The passion that shapes nations' Charlie Cleverly P70.

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