Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday things

It's always exciting to welcome new bloggers into the world, especially when they are good friends/collegues, so welcome to the blogosphere Sean Green and Scott Taylor, who are part of the team that lead Reading Family Church.

Dan Phillips has been talking to Mormons, and his experience of them more or less mirrors my encouters with them over the last few months. Namely that they're lovely people, i enjoy their company but i have no idea, none at all, why they believe what they believe. I actually bumped into someone on campus today who has just become a Mormon. he told me he'd taken two years out to do mission in Italy...and then he told me he was a Mormon. Boo Hoo.

Krish Kandiah is writing a new book. 'This book is ideal for Christian first year students starting at university. It comprises of daily readings to help students make the most of their time at uni. It is ideal for a church to take on as a student discipleship programme or for a CU to use as its programme for the first five weeks of term.'

I've had big love for Krish ever since he did events week at Reading in my first year. This is sort of the book i wanted to write, but i'm sure he's done a better job of it that i would!

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thebluefish said...

The book of Krish is good. Thats for the HT about Sean & Scott, blogtastic news.