Friday, January 12, 2007

no way jose

It would seem somehow remiss of me not to say something about wednesday night at some point. Even if, as i told the Bucks Free Press when they asked me 'its hard to talk about it without slipping into cliches', but here goes.

What a ridiculous, unbelievable night it was. We've been so poor in the league recently losing two and drawing two of our last four games before playing Chelsea, and suddebly, somehow we manage to draw with one of the best teams in Europe. Yes i know it wasn't their strongest line-up, but it was their strongest possible line up, and at the end they had Lampard and Ballack in the middle, thats nothing to be sniffed at. Our side cost £80,000 to put together, there's £104,000,000 if you can believe such a number!

The best goals are the ones you know are going to go in before they do, so this one was perfect...i can remember Tommy winning the flick on and Jermaine going after it, and then seeing the ball slowly trickle in front of Hilario and thinking 'hang on, we're actually about to score here' and then we did. And then...pandemonium. I genuinly can't think of how that evening could have been better. Chelsea were outfought if not totally outplayed for ninety minutes, we deserved our draw, we go to the second leg with a chance. Thats all you could have asked.

It seems i'm coming more or less full circle when it comes to football. There was a 15 month period in 02,03 and 04 where i went something like 16 months without missing and away game, and only missed a home game (Brighton, we drew one all) because of the cell leaders weekend away (where Ceryn came and made sure i was ok because i was so quiet. ha!) but now i'm missing our next four away games due to a variety of reasons. Including the second leg at Chelsea because of Relay 2. So relayers if you see me on wednesday evening in Ledbury wondering around as if i don't really know what my name is, it's because we're just beaten Chelsea and we're going to Cardiff. It won't might happen.

on youtube. They've got the attendance wrong, it was 9771. Massive!

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