Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006- in review

In 2006 i:
  • stopped being on RUCU committee
  • turned 21
  • delighted to see people saved
  • graduated
  • spent spring and summer wresting with God, before entering winter delighted that He'd won (as if He ever wouldn't)
  • started Relay
  • moved to Guildford
  • was kept faithful by a wonderful God
  • spent more on books than cds for the first time
  • read more than i ever have done, the pick of the bunch being 'Living the Cross Centred Life' by CJ Mahaney, 'A Call To Spiritual Reformation' by Don Carson, 'Future Grace', by John Piper and 'The Mortification Of Sin' by John Owen
  • spent a couple of weeks in Scotland, and enjoyed days in Rushden and Fulham, as well as various adventures with other Relay workers.
  • looked forward to the future...

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