Thursday, January 18, 2007

the McCheyne calendar

For my Bible reading at the moment i'm following the McCheyne calendar, which was devised by Robert Murray McCheyne and takes you through the new testament and psalms twice and the rest of the old testament once every year. In theory.

Yesterday, March 10th to be precise, i read among others Luke 24 and Job 39. As well as the obvious point of how good it is to read four different bits of the Bible each day, yesterday was particularly good. Job 39 sees God reply to Job, and point out to him that if He can make animals like Ostriches and hawks and horses which are all, to be honest, a bit of a mystery to us, and not only that they are a mystery but that He is powerful enough to create and sustain them, surely it's not too much to believe that sometimes what He does in our lives will be beyond our understanding. Luke 24 is Luke's account of the ressurection and aftermath, including Jesus on the road to Emmaus, explaining how the Old Testament is all about Him, if i could eavesdrop anywhere in the Bible there it'd be.

So yesterday what a vision of God this gave me. The God who creates and sustains all mysterious things, who's ways and plans and purposes are way above our own. And the God who is powerful enough to defeat death, to walk out of the grave. That was pretty cool.

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