Saturday, January 27, 2007

it's better if you do

Much much more to come from Relay 2 when i've processed and looked over my notes and sat and thought and rejoiced a bit more. But for a start i wanted to write something short. In fellowship group this morning we were studying Zepheniah 3:12-20, the book that we spent the week looking at. We broke up into pairs and looked at a part of the passage each. Me and helen looked at 14-17 to see what it said about God.

  • He is gracious
  • Powerful
  • Relational
  • the King of Israel
  • mighty and saving
  • loving
  • expressive
  • happy
  • delighting in His own work
  • compassionate.
All that about God hidden in three verses in a minor prophet book that most people won't even read. If i've learnt one thing from Relay 2, and i haven't, i've learnt heaps, it's that the minor prophets are totally worth spending time with. And that God's amazing...i mean, just look at that list!

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