Sunday, October 29, 2006


We must must must be praying for our leaders.

Let me give you some background. Near the end of the UnisCU Housparty there was a time for sharing and feedback, and, to cut a fairly long story short, we ended up praying for our committee, which was a great coporate thing to do. Then, rightly or wrongly, i got up and shared some stuff about what an encouragement to me the whole CU at Surrey are, but particulaly how hard it is to be on be fighting not only your own battles with God, but those of 50-120 others as well. I know thats how i felt when i was on committee. It's hard, and it's draining, and it's burdening. Now, i'm not for a moment complaining about it. Being on committee changed my life and having the 'burden' of other people's battles is something i want my whole life...thats what i saw as i prayed and cried and sang my way to the end of houseparty. But it's hard, and thats why we must pray for our leaders.

Now, its a lot more serious when it comes to church leaders. I can only really talk about CU leadership, but i would imagine its the same principle, just mulitplied more, as the Bible says that church leaders are accountable (note: accountable, not responsible) for the salvation of their church members. Now, goodness me, what a thing to carry around. What a burden. What a joy to have, but what a burden to have. I remember sometimes after CU committee meetings i'd just want to go home and sulk for a bit (hooray for friends taking me to Kebabish and telling me the Gospel!) because of the decisions some people in CU made, decisions that were hurting themselves...i can only imagine that it must be much much more real for people leading a church.

I remarked today at church how great it was to have people from two churches and UCCF looking after and out for me, to know that they're praying for me and that i can turn to them with anything. But thats more battles they are fighting, and more strength they need. So i need to pray for them. I need to pray for Bish, and Sean and Scott and Craig and Boggles, that they would persevere in the faith, be worthy of their calling, get their strength from God and cherish their time in the Bible...cos i know thats what they're praying for me...

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