Saturday, October 21, 2006


What i've done in the last 30 hours (kind of inspired by Screech)

  • Got up at 0430 to make an early morning prayer meeting in RDG. woo!
  • Finished my prep for Houseparty and Winchester Mission
  • Got excited about the end of Phillipians 1
  • Managed to fix the Freeview box
  • Had a great time doing teas and coffees outside the union...including talking to a guy about why pluralism is intellectually unsound and why i'm a young earth creation guy.
  • Stood and applauded(metaphorically) as Gemma looked after a guy who spend half an hour being sick. Got all warm inside watching Phil and Charlie walk him home *this is what we do*
  • Went to bed 22.5 hours after getting up
  • Dreamt about Bish being a stand up comedian...wondered whether that was worse than dreaming about Relay 2
  • realised my 365 was out of order but also that i wasn't bothered.
  • Got excited that Anna had blogged...then sad that is was short and that she was essentially excited about Christmas in the middle of summer.
  • looked at photos of old football grounds
  • started thinking of ways to get to 'Together for the Gospel 2008'
  • decided it was time to get up.


thebluefish said...

Next time you want to get up that early on a Friday morning, give me a lift home from Surrey and sleep on our futon.... :)

Enjoy Winchester and enjoy Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Wow... i dont think i've ever inspired a post before (am very excited!)
Great to hear things going well dude and that in amongst all your business you found time to check out some footy grounds - Ace!

Anna said...

I cant believe i just wasted 2 whole minutes of my life looking at the football grounds.

FloydTheBarber said...

are you serious Hopkins? I am so pround right now. Fellows Park (that ground, where Wallsall used to play) has recently eclipsed The Old Showground (where Scunthorpe used to play) as my favourite old football ground.
Is it bad i know this stuff?

nicolalouise said...

i think the clue is in the fact she said "wasted"...