Saturday, October 07, 2006

God is good

I mean really good. Like, outragouesly good. Here's three reasons why.

Even in the north He reigns.
My sister's just started at Durham, and in her college they have to share a room. Now, my sister is cool, but she's not such a fan of the going out and whatever. But anyway, i was praying, really praying, pleading that God would put a Christian in her room with her. And He did...and they went to CU this week. How cool is that? How makes-me-nearly-cry-in-public-while-i'm-on-the-phone to her good is that? God is good. Good...and He cares and is mighty to save. Mighty.

Don't eat brain.
God is good, and the cross of Christ has bought us many many great things. And today was one of those things. Walking, sitting, wondering, laughing, pretending to be horses around Hyde Park and central London in the sun was beyond my vocabulary really. It was so good to be with friends, people i love and who love me, people who know what i mean 'yeh... mebbe man' people who i can be stupid with. We were made for relationships such as these.

Twist and shine and burn and leap
I don't know what'll i'll be doing next year. But i know God has given me two amazing, amazing things to think and pray over. And God is good...good. And i want to be where i'll be able to demonstrate and tell people that and reflect His shiningness the most. And y'know what? I think i will

Seventy years and i can't count.
Ezra 1:1
Jermiah 25:12. God is good. Simple as.


Kath said...

sweet man, sweeet

Daniel said...

Thanks Ed.
Made me smile.


Robin said...

Durham hey... cool cool! That's exciting! Did she enjoy the Ceilidh? It is a wicked feeling when younger siblings get keen for Jesus!