Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The ambition of sin

Interesting thing sin. When i say interesting, i obviously don't mean interesting...i mean deadly, but i've learnt slash read some warning things recently.
Sin has ambition. Sin wants to kill you. And if not kill you then certainly limit your spiritual life in terms of zeal, joy and fruit. Sin has ambition.

Anger isn't happy being anger...anger wants to be murder.
Greed isn't happy being greed...greed wants to oppression of everything else apart from the collection of stuff.
Avarice isn't happy being avarice...avarice wants to be theft.
Lust isn't happy being lust...lust wants to be...i don't know. Sex? Perversion? A hundred sick things i don't want to mention.

Sin wants to kill us. Its an agent from the Devil. This is a battle we must fight every day, by grace and faith or we'll either die, or at the very least, have no joy or progress in our faith.

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thebluefish said...

Thanks for this. Very helpful.