Thursday, March 23, 2006

A study in scarlett

So Surrey it was and Surrey it is. I'm off there tonight to go to their last CU meeting of term and meet them. Its going to be cool.
Its the start of another page, somewhere else that i'd never thought i'd go. In some ways it'll be good to leave Reading, don't get me wrong i love it here, i wouldn't change anything about my time at Uni...i think, but come the end of June it'll be time to move on...
I'm gutted about having to leave Fam. I've only been there a year, and i love it so much, and i feel so part of things there, and now i'll have to settle into a new church, but its all good. Thats exciting in many ways. And i have to look for a house...crumbs! Still, i'm hoping God's going to bring me back to Reading and to Fam before too much time passes (please?!)
So i'll be in Guildford, Ceryn in Portsmouth and Jess in Chichester and Worthing. All new times, all exciting and challenging times. How great it is to know that we worship a God who is God everywhere, who holds us in His hands, who loves and will be guiding us and be with all the time. Its great to worship Him, to belong to Him, to treasure's the only way to live, i promise.

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Welshie said...

YEAH!!!!! Bring it!