Saturday, March 25, 2006

Alive in Christ.

These thoughs are taken from my notes on John Piper's 'How to kill sin' parts one and two. (HT Paul). Read my stuff if you want, but look at Romans 6:11-13, and listen to Piper, and glory, and live in the truth.

1. Christ died for your sins
. This is foundational stuff but we must not miss it. Thats why Paul waits until chapter six before talking about killing sin, because it means nothing without the truth about how we are justified. We are justified first, then, and only then can our sactification begin.

2. We died and rose with Him. IN HIM. In him. When God looked at Christ dieing and rising again he saw us, His people in union with Him. If thats not the case then the cross loses its power. We died with Christ, and we rose with Him, to new life.

3. God united us to Christ by faith. How are we in him? By faith, by beliving. We are justified by faith apart from the law. Isn't that the best thing? Everything that was needed was accomplished by Christ on the cross, and we are joined to Him by our faith. 1 Cortinthians 1:30 tells us that the Jesus is the foundation for our life, for everything we need.

4. Faith bring us our justification. God made Christ, who knew no sin, who never sinned, sin on our behalf. God made Christ sin on our behalf. He was punished and we get the reward. And the reward is the foundation of our joy. The reward being the union with can gave with God in Christ from the cross, the restored relationship with our Maker. The fulfilment of all our lostness and longing. Relationship with Jesus. YES!

5. Defeating sin is a mental and willing act. Look at Romans 6:11. CONSIDER YOURSELF. This is objective. This is a statement. This is not encouragement, us being dead to sin is an event that has happened. We must align ourselves with this truth. We must know this truth, and know ourselves by this truth. We need to learn to think this way, that we are alive in Christ Jesus, that we are dead to sin. THIS IS TRUE. This is the battle before the battle. This is verse 11, before sin comes tempting you with its lies and half truths. We must, as the Bible commands us consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.

6. We must prefer another ruler. We must desire God. 'Just say no' theology is not Christian theology. There are five steps here before just say no, there are five chapters in Romans before even talking about how we say no. This is a real engagement of our will. Not to sin. Not to let it reign. To prefer God, to know He is better, His way, His will is THE way. Do not let it reign, choose not to. Don't just say no to sin, but say yes to being alive to God in Christ Jesus (v11).
So what is choosing? Choosing is preferring. We must prefer God, thats why we are dead in verse 11, because we prefer God, we choose God over sin. To live is Christ! Not sin.
Say yes to Christ, prefer Him, choose Him. Do net let sin reign in our bodies.
Christ is our life.


Lizzi said...

Was going to reply to your comment on my blog but thought you might not find my reply, so I'm replying here.

The idea was that it was the first band for each letter in *my* I didn't put anything for Q because I didn't have any bands foir Q in my music library.

And yeah, I have one Team Sleep song called Elizabeth because of this entry.

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