Friday, March 24, 2006

How you know you're back in Wycombe #36578

When you see someone washing his car, in the middle of a heavy rainstorm (oh yes!)
So back home for a week before heading off the Skegness, thats going be to excellent scenes. Its always nice, if a little weird to be back room needs a serious tidy.
Following on from my (very very exciting) trip to Guildford yesterday, it thought i'd big up some of the blogging community there.
Paul and Cat of course, if your not reading their blogs, then start now, and two more that i've found Liz, and Phil (who looks just like Jonny off of the OC). Any more i've missed?
Anyway, thats it for my 150th post (!) more profound stuff starting soon, including probably some thoughts on James 2 and hopefully some words about how amazing it is to belong to Jesus, to really belong to Him. I think He's been speaking to me a lot about that this week.

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