Thursday, March 23, 2006

BareFacts (feeling like a Fresher again)

Just back from tremendous times at Surrey. It'd be fair to say i 'stumbled across' the town and uni rather than 'found' it, but after some diversion related fun, and an argument with my radio on the way down, i got there just about in one piece...
I went through three fairly distinct stages while i was there, the first was 'feeling like a fresher, i'm shy, i'm chilled, yeh wassup' then we had 'please please please take me back to Reading and Fam and people to high five and laugh at my loser jokes' (there was at least once tonight when i was going to turn and look at Jess/Drew/Dave and share a joke...they weren't there) but then PRAISE GOD something changed in an instant, and i got talking to Phil and Ruth and Naomi and people and i got so excited about being there next year and serving with them and helping them, i pretty much would've started tomorrow. Woo hoo!
I'm very excited about the whole Relay thing, it all seems very real. Being where God wants you to be is the best, safest, most exciting place there is.


Welshie said...

So good to hear that mate!

I'm sure they'll catch onto your loser jokes in no time... ;-)

Lizzi said...

we're well excited about having you, Ed! And we're lovely really. Feel free to ask anything you want to know before you email is

or if thats easier....!

Liz (prayer sec) xx

FloydTheBarber said...

Cheers mate, i'd honestly start tomorrow if i could!