Saturday, July 09, 2005

Starting out (its just an ego trip really)

Man, where do you begin a blog? First of all, hello! If you've found me well done, because as far as i know i'm not going to be making this public knowledge for a while. Although i'm sure at some stage my ego will beat my modesty.
So why a blog? Well, i often get frustrated by the feeling that my spiritual life goes around in circles, i find a problem, beat it and move on, only find myself at the same point a while later, and not being able to remember how i beat it the first time. So perhaps a blog will help me with that, and give me somewhere to document my thoughts, stuggles and solutions.
So, happy reader, what will this blog be about? And more to the point, why am i asking you?! Well, as you might have guessed, i'm a Christian, and so i intend that most of my blog will be about my life in Jesus. Things i have discovered, problems i have and have solved, a place for me to vent my frustrations, and maybe in some small way, one day, to point people towards the Lord. No dount my other interests in life will creep in at some point, sport and football in general, Wycombe Wanderers in particular (Chairboys On The Net), films maybe occasionally and maybe even news from my course (very unlikely).

So what am i up to this week? Well tomorrow i start a week at the Cornhill Summer School, which i am very excited and scared about, and then i'm off to Bulgaria for a fortnight with The University and Colleges Christian Fellowship
So i've got quite a lot going on, and that only takes me to the beggining of August, this could well by my busiest, most exciting, most challenging summer ever. I certainly hope so.

Anyway, thats probably it for the time being, i'll probably update this during the week sometime, hopefully with exciting news from Cornhill...

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thebluefish said...

Welcome. Not so much an ego trip as a medium for thinking with.