Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Child of God?

So after my two early starts to get to Silverstone on friday and saturday, i managed not to wake up till gone 10 this morning, and in the process managed to miss church.
Nevertheless, God challenged me on some major points in my Christian life while i was reading 1 John:2. The issue of habitual sin came up, that is, being stuck in a repetitive sin. And how if we are then we are 'children of the devil'. I sin all the time, and indeed 1 John:1 tells us that if we pretend that we don't sin, we are liars. I hate the fact that i still stuggle with the things i stuggled with on day one of my Christian life. Am i stuck in habitual sin? Probably yes. This being different from the sin spoken about in 1 John:1:10. What does this mean? That i show attributes of being a child of the devil, when i am in fact a child of God? I think so. I don't want to any more, i want to be like Jesus, i want to serve and honour Him in every way that i can.
I pray that the end of my habitual sin starts today. And i thank God that he loved and cared for me enough to show me and convict me of this.

On a brighter note, i'll be making my first of six journeys to Cornhill in a bit. Looking forward to spending time with other believers, and hoping to hear God speak from His w0rd. It should be good...

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