Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Cornhill Summer School

So, as you will have gathered, this last week i have spent attending the Cornhill Summer School, in Southwark, London. Now, i'm not one who thinks that the words 'school' and 'summer' should really go together, but this week has definately changed my mind!
Man, how good was it to be in God's perfect and infallible word for five hours a hours a day. How inspirational to sit under the teaching of Christopher Ash, Doug Johnson, David Jackman and Dick Lucas. How excited am i now to have a clearer understading of God's soverign plan as explained in the bible!
Let me take you through a normal day:
At 0930 Doug Johnson would kick us off with a 5 part Old testament overview. Roots and Fruits, A People of Promise, From Conquest to Kings, Into Exile and Hope Renewed told us the story of the Old Testament in five hours. It was really great for me to sit and listen to Doug teach, as my knowledge of the OT, and especially its chronology is shocking. I've got a much clearer idea now. I mean, i'll forget it soon, but lets enjoy it whilst it lasts hey? Itss great to be able to open up the OT and know whats going on, and will help with my reading and understanding of it so so much! I'd just finished reading 1&2 Samual when i started the week, so now hopefully i'll be off into Kings, although i really want to read Lamentations as well. Thats along with Luke 9-19, for next years Cell, Romans 5-8 for Houseparty and Galatians for the RUCU training meetings. Along with the collection of Jonathan Edwards sermons i've just bought, and, soon i fear, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Phew! Anyway, i digress...
At 1030 Christopher Ash would show us how to handle a particular genre of the bible, mainly according to context and content. This was very helpful, and i really feel, again, a deeper and better understanding of the way the Bible fits together as a book now, as well as feeling more confident on how to open up the Bible itself. Although, i still have a long way to go on this one! These sessions were 2 hours long, with 30 minutes for coffee in the middle.
Lunch was from 1315-1400, and we then split off into our 'Gobbet Group' workshops. These were an oppotunity for each member of the group to presnt an exposition on a designated passage from the Bible, and then receive feedback on it. My passage was 1 Kings 10:1-13, which may one day appear on these pages!
At 1530, David Jackman lead us through the first four chapters of 1 Corinthians. Excellent stuff. Never try and build on Christ with things of this world, never rely on your own strength. Why are you worrying about the world? Christ has overcome it! The only problem with this part of the day, was the combination of a long day, a hot room, and David's very soothing voice. But nonetheless, excellent stuff!

Its my intention sometime before Thursday to blog the four Corinthian expositions, Psalm 16 by Dick Lucas, and perhaps even my own take on the passage from 1 Kings, but we'll see.

Overall, the CSS was a great week. And well worth it at £80, lunch provided. I'd highly recomend it to anyone who wants to meet some very cool people, (i spent most of the week with a 26 year old CofW Youth worker, a 19 year old full time evangelist, and two guys of 17 and 18 who had just left school, one bound for uni the other perhaps for the police), spend a great deal of time in the Word, sit under some great teaching and learn more and more about the Lord Jesus Christ. Do it guys!

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