Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Judge

Went to see the Wycombe High School production of Carousel tonight, as my little sister is the second lead female. Good story, good production, but one that posed an unexpected question.
What happens when you die?
Our (anti) hero, whose name already escapes me, kills himself rather than face year in prison for armed robbery. Shortly before the robbery, as his accomplice and he discuss their plans, he wonders what will happen to him when he gets 'up there' to face the judge. His friend assures him that only the rich face the 'judge' the poor like him will face no more than a magistrate, just like on earth.
When our hero dies, he is told he hasn't done enough good to get into heaven, 'not even through the back gates'. He is also allowed to visit his daughter, after his death.
And here's the point. When we die, we will all face the same righteous, holy, glorious, just judge, who will hold our eternity in His hands. How can we ever be good enough for such a judge? How can we ever live up to His laws? Here's the great news, literally, the Good News, the Gospel. You and I don't have to. We have someone who has been judged in our place, who lived and died instead of us, and in His death took the whole weight on God's punishment for our sins on His shoulders.
Thank you Jesus. Thank you that its about you, your life, your righteousness, and not mine. Thank you Lord that you loved me enough to send your son to die in my place. Thank you Jesus, help Lord please to follow you, and to live my life as a testament to your unfailing love... I will get there. I long to be holy, to glorify the Lord in all i do. I'm nowhere near there yet, and i will never, never by my own work be good enough in the Lord's eyes. But thanks to Jesus i don't have to. Thank you Jesus, for your salvation.
This is it. Life, death, judgement. No more, no less. After that comes heaven or hell. No more, no less. There are no other choices. Choose God and follow Him, or you consciously reject Him. Who cares about what the world thinks of you? Don't worry about them. God has to be just, He cannot bear to look on those who rebel against Him. OH help me Lord that I may point people towards you. That i may find my happiness in your glory. Help me to be like you Jesus.

There are two ways to live, one choice to make. Whats it to be?

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