Friday, March 27, 2009

Driscoll: Men and Marriage

There have been 23,856 page views of the sermon in the last four days. If you're a man, and you haven't watched it yet, what all have you been doing?

Be encouraged, be rebuked, be challenged, be a bit scared when he starts shouting. It's 71 minutes long including the Q and A at the end.


dave bish said...

what have i been doing... where to begin..

FloydTheBarber said...

lol, i actually had you in mind when i was writing that!

Paul said...

Bish has being a man. Not 'the man', but you get the meaning.

I was caught entirely off guard at the last screamy bit. Someone needs to do a death metal remix. But only after everyone's suitably convicted.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!
Can I ask you what you thought about it?
I think the content was right (repenting was the appropriate response for me!) though it was weighed more to repudiating the negative than articulating the positive image.
What about the tone? Would any of you speak in that way to a church? Is it sometimes appropriate?

Paul said...

You could take that sermon on its own and say that it stopped short of saying all it could have (the positive stuff) but then everyone does. Driscoll just made one point and made it well; we'd have to see the context of the worship service, church life and several week's of sermons before we could fairly judge whether there's a problem with omission.

Tone-wise, again, context is important. There are men who need to be talked to like that and Driscoll as the pastor of Mars Hill thought there were enough of them there to justify that approach on that Sunday.

Would I take a transcript of the talk and preach it in rural Sussex? No - not because there are no such men here, but because none of them would go anywhere near the village church. There is wisdom in preaching to the people who aren't there yet, but that wouldn't be enough for me to use that tone exclusively.

But seriously, what do I know about all this? Not much at all.

FloydTheBarber said...

Hi matt F. Pail more or less wrote exactly what i thought. I'm pretty sure the videod sermons are always the sunday night sermon which means that a) Driscoll knows his material inside out and b) the congregation is full of young single guys.

I reckon you'd be hard pushed to find anyone else who talks to them like that, it's what i needed, it's what most people who have listened to it have needed it seemns. I wouldn't preach like that to my North Carolina teens, but he knows his church well enough for us to trust him.

And also, the Gospel is important. We should get excited and passionate and earnest and loud about it. Have you listened to Piper's biog of Whitefield, which deals a lot with this sibject?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul and Ed, that's really helpful!

Cat said...

I watched the womens one first, which was really helpful and insightful. I then decided to watch the mens one too - I nearly cried when he started shouting, it caught me totally off guard!! I love how Driscoll is so direct and passionate in what he is saying.

It would be amazing if more guys saw this. :O)!