Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Second Adam: Garth Ratcliffe

Garth Radcliffe was nothing short of an RGS legend. School chaplain for years, economics teacher for longer, well loved and remembered for his keen sense of fun and humour which included:
Bursting into Mrs Holt's maths class to assure the children that 'a real teacher would be along soon.'

Teaching a lower sixth class to make jelly and bake cakes during an economics class claiming that he misundertood what 'home economics' meant on the syllabus.

Donning a school blazer and sitting at the back of a year 11 english class without being discovered for twenty minutes.

For this, and many more reasons, Garth Radcliffe is warmly remembered by many from my generation at RGS. He was also one of the men that God used wonderfully, powerfully to draw me to Him in 2002.

Wonderfully, he's written a book: 'A Second Adam'. It combines a well-argued, intellectual case for the historical and physical resurrection of Jesus, with wide ranging, personal applications for how the it applies to our lives.

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Steve Constable said...

Ed, I knew Garth a few years before year in Harrow. I can only second everything you've said about Garth. I agree that this is also an excellent read.

Steve Constable