Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bible Delight: Christopher Ash

Sometimes modern technology is very good. There's a feature on amazon that you probably already know about where new books/general purchases are recommended based on your previous purchases. And that's how i found this book. Also, i really like Christopher Ash, and have ever since i went on the Cornhill Summer School in 2005. He said it was a treat to spend eight hours a day in the Bible. He was right, and he is right.

So what is 'Bible Delight'? It's a 200 page, 20 chapter journey through Psalm 119, for Bible hearer and Bible teacher. Ash takes a stanza of the psalm in every chapter, with two more on reading and understanding the context of the whole psalm. The aims of the book are three fold. To see whats written, to understand what's written and to sing what's written.

That's what i appreciated the most about this book. Ash is not providing a commentary, though it does provide that function, or a study book, though it does that as well, but a resource four the readers' heart, that we would live and breath Biblical life with more passion, and more delight. Each section is described and applied warmly and pastorally, with Ash never forgetting his initial premise to help us sing.

It's really good: go buy!

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