Thursday, October 04, 2007

Macarthurs misc

i listened to John Macarthur 's talk from DG 07 this week, about persevering in the ministry. One of the ways he mentioned was the embrace the glory and supremacy of the new covenant over the old... The yesterday in my quiet time i read 1 Corinthians 4:1, about us being entrusted with the mystery of God. And it just hit me the priveledge, responsibility and joy of living this side of the cross. The amazing grace of being able to look back and know what God's plan to demonstrate His own righteousness is, rather than not. All ministry is a mercy, and i'm loving what God's teaching me at the moment.

John also said this at the Expositors' conference this week. (HT Challies)

At one point he revealed that he has begun work on a new book that will serve as a follow-up to The Truth War. Since the publication of that book people have said that the book was unloving and that he should not write such books but instead just join in the conversation. So he has decided to write a book that answers the simple question, How did Jesus deal with those who misrepresented the truth? Did Jesus tend towards conversation or condemnation? Those who have studied the gospels will know…



James said...

Hi Ed, just a quick note to say great blog mate, liking the posts, especially the stuff on students and the gospel! We are a bunch of trainees working at fulwood church in sheffield and have just set up a blog to shove up our study projects and thoughts, we've stuck you on the blogroll:
Cheers man,

FloydTheBarber said...

thanks James, thats very encouraging.