Friday, October 19, 2007


Footnotes are great aren't they? Here's one from 'the mission of God' P193, discussing Paul's approach to the 'Judaisers' in Galatia

It's ironic how far we have moved from this early difficulty. For many contemporary Christians the problem lies with the Old Testament. For these early Christians the OT was the given Word of God; the problem lay with the church. Our question is so often, 'is the OT really Christian', theirs was 'is the church scriptural', ie in line with the Old testament.

Good stuff isn't it. You can see the 'Law based Christians' point. Surely Paul isn't going to disregard Moses and all he taugh is he? Surely he still has some respect for the way the scriptures teach we are made right with God? Well, yes he does. In 'how are we justified in the old testament top trumps' Abraham beats Moses every time. Good news!

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