Thursday, October 11, 2007

Calvin on scripture

'For we know that the moment we exceed the bounds of the Word our course it outside the pathway and in darkness, and there we must repeatedly wander, slip and stumble. Let this, therefore, first of all be before our eyes: to seek any other knowledge of predestination than what the Word of God discloses is not less insane than if someone should should purpose to walk in a pathless waste or to see in darkness'

Mhmm. Now Calvin's only talking about the doctrine of election here, but surely the same principle applies to any doctrine that we hope to explore. To try and find knowledge of God outside of His Word which concerns His Son is going to be hopeless and futile. Our hearts are idol factories, as Calvin also said, and so any attempt to know God outside of scripture will lead to us creating an idol, which good theology exists to tear down. As Mike Reeves once said 'everything we intrinsically know about God is wrong'.

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