Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From the old...

Goodbye Cool Runnings:

We drove together, we got lost together, we rocked out together, we crashed into other cars together, we drove ridiculous distances in a day just to watch Wycombe Wanderers lose football matches together, girls broke up with us together, we got our exam results together, we left Reading and arrived in Guildford together. Cheers!

Hello Delano*:

I wonder what we'll do together...i hope its mostly Gospel stuff.

*tsk, you really shouldn't need a clue


Kat said...

very nice ed... i have some fond memories of your old car too... namely when we weren't sure if it would start to get to the cex awayday... and the random trips down into town after cu meetings last year!

good times... enjoy delano! :)

Anonymous said...

love it!